About Me

The Nomadic Photographer

Explore | Discover | Inspire

Ever since I was a child I was drawn to the great outdoors. For years I longed to explore. To discover. To inspire. I dreamed of traveling the world, documenting the wild landscapes and dramatic nightscapes I came across in my path as a wandering photographic artist.

Photographer | Artist | Engineer

My name is Konstantinos Ouzounidis, and I’m the Nomadic Photographer. I believe that the greatest thing in life is to be able to experience adventures in unknown lands, and I’m blessed to be able to make every day an adventure.

Nomad | Camera | Adventure

I want to share my Fine Art photography with you as a way of bringing you along on my three year odyssey over frozen, snow-capped mountains, through verdant fields, and across the breathtakingly dramatic  nightscapes  and wild landscapes of some of the most beautiful corners of Planet Earth.

Just me, my camera, and the elements.

My hope is that it inspires you to seek out your own adventures in life.

Konstantinos Ouzounidis

photography by ko